Understanding the Importance of Fall Clean-Up for Twin Cities Properties

Although the temperatures in our area may still be somewhat warm, don’t let that fool you—fall is just around the corner. We’ll soon be enjoying all the delights of the season: crisp mornings, mild evenings, and the beautiful fall leaves. Yes, the colors are lovely—but soon enough those leaves will be littering your property. With[…]

Signs Your Property Irrigation System Needs a Renovation

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: behind (well, mostly beneath) every beautiful lawn is a well-maintained irrigation system. But even if you follow all of our advice, tackling any and every sprinkler issue as they crop up, there will come a time when you will need to evaluate your system and determine[…]

Understanding the Benefits of Mulch and How to Install on Your Property

Throughout the summer, we’ve covered several topics regarding lawn maintenance specifically, from making sure your irrigation system is working properly to understanding when to aerate and dethatch your grass. But today we’re going to turn our attention to the peripheral areas of your property and examine how you can make the most of your plant[…]

Methods to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Landscape Irrigation System

An experienced property manager knows that perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining healthy landscaping is irrigation. With the right irrigation system, it is significantly easier to keep landscaping lush and lovely—and as the lustrous gem of a property. But irrigation systems can also become a costly component, especially when you run into issues. It[…]

Aeration and Dethatching: What’s Right for Your Property?

As property managers are well aware, a healthy and pristine lawn doesn’t simply appear overnight—it requires regular care to become the gleaming highlight of a property. From weed control to appropriate irrigation, there are several areas regarding lawn maintenance that property managers must consider. Included among these should be aeration and dethatching, two methods that[…]

How to Minimize Irrigation Problems and Mishaps this Summer

  Summertime is a chance for properties in the Twin Cities area to highlight their beautiful lawns, which are hidden during the winter months under mounds of snow. It also provides property owners with an opportunity to check on irrigation systems to make sure they are functioning properly, correct any issues, and take preventative measures[…]