Low-Maintenance Landscaping Options for Midwest Properties

While beautiful green lawns stretched across your property may be what you dream of, the reality is that they can require a substantial amount of work to maintain. Lawns provide ideal areas for both weed growth and rodent visitors if property owners don’t remain vigilant and proactive about prevention, which can lead to those lush[…]

Tips and Tricks for Eliminating Weeds on Your Properties

For most property managers, luscious green lawns are the stuff that dreams are made of. Impossible? Of course not…but when weeds begin to creep in, this dream can quickly become a nightmare to deal with. However, with the right strategies and tricks, weed control and prevention can make it easier to achieve the healthy, beautiful[…]

Common Minnesota Yard Pests Property Managers Should Be Aware Of

With the transition from spring to summer in sight, it’s important for property managers to take stock of the condition of lawns and yard spaces, tackling any problems caused by some common pests here in Minnesota. It makes sense to take necessary measures early, before the heat of summer is upon us and other issues[…]

the property manager - prepping for spring

Property Manager Support: Prepping Your Property for the Spring Season

It’s that time of year again – that’s right, time to start getting ready for the upcoming warm season! Whether your property is large or small, there are some key things you should have in mind at this early spring stage to set up your warm season for success. Today, we’re providing our top tips[…]

Commercial Snow Removal: Are your properties ready for winter?

Believe it or not, this is one of the busiest times of year for commercial snow removal and landscaping companies. Not only are we wrapping up the summer season, we’re making last minute irrigation repairs and shutting down those systems for winter, doing fall clean ups on most of our commercial properties, finalizing equipment for[…]

sprinkle winterization

Sprinkler Winterization: 3 Problems to Avoid

The cooler weather is officially moving in, and our clients are loving the change. Not only are we bringing more fall color to their facilities in the form of fresh flowers for their landscaping and entryways, we’re finalizing winter contracts and gearing up for fall clean ups. Part of the property maintenance you should be[…]