Core Aeration

core aeration

Core Aeration as Regular Lawn Maintenance

Core Aeration is a very important, often overlooked part of lawn maintenance. It is a once-a-year service that is best performed in the spring or fall – although it can be done during the summer as well.

Our Process

Our aeration specialist will use our state of the art equipment to consistently punch and pull three to four inch plugs from around the turf. This helps to loosen up the soil – which allows more nutrients, water and air to reach the root of your grass. We create a higher quality turf – which means a richer carpet of grass for little toes to play on throughout the warmer months. As an added bonus, our high quality equipment allows us to aerate even the hilliest of backyards.

Aeration also benefits the trees, shrubs and other plants around your yard. Since the water and nutrients are better able to absorb into the ground, these plants receive more air, water and nutrients as well. This means that aeration can be a great way to maintain every aspect of your landscaping.

Other Recommendations

Often times we will recommend applying a fertilizer or seeding soon after an aeration session. This is because aeration primes your grass for new growth – making this the ideal time to apply these products to your turf.

Core Aeration and Lawn Maintenance

We customize all of our lawn maintenance packages for your corporate campus or home backyard. Call us at 651-538-0320 or email us at to request a free quote today!

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