De-Thatching and Power Raking

dethatching lawn maintenance

Regular Lawn Maintenance, One Step at a Time

Regular lawn maintenance is the key to a beautiful yard. It’s only natural to have some grass clippings, dead leaves and other elements in your yard. But when these elements start preventing your turf from getting all of the nutrients it needs – and you start to see your grass go from beautiful to less-than-stellar – it’s time to de-thatch, or power rake, your yard.

Our Process

For this process, our de-thatching expert will come to your home and use our mechanical raking machine to comb through your yard, leaving your grass with just the right amount of thatch to achieve that healthy turf you and your family love! Not only will regular lawn maintenance make your yard better for playing, you’ll create a healthier environment for grass to grow. And that’s how you wind up with the best yard on the block.

Grow a Greener Yard

Keep in mind that it’s important to pre-treat your yard before the thatch becomes overabundant. By being proactive about keeping your yard in shape now, you will save yourself time, money and a lot of hassle down the road. Don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call at 651-538-0320. Our professional lawn service is the perfect way to get the best looking lot on the block today!

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