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Lawn Care Services to Fit Your Property’s Specific Needs

H&B Services handles lawn care on properties large and small. Our team of lawn maintenance experts is able to care for your yard to keep it beautifully manicured in an efficient manner. We use a variety of lawn mowers – from a standard push behind to large scale riding mowers – to care for your turf depending on the size and space you have us look after.

First, our trained experts will mow your yard. Then they’ll trim all of the areas that the mower didn’t reach. Last, they’ll blow all of the lawn clippings off of the walking areas like your driveway, sidewalks and curbs to give your yard that freshly cared for appearance. Your yard will be the envy of your block!

Service options:

All of our packages are determined based on the size and scope of your yard. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and on a per-time basis.


In most situations, our lawn experts will mow your yard in a way that the grass clippings can be used as a compost mulch, which will help to fertilize the roots of your grass.


In some situations, bagging your grass clippings is required. In these cases our experts will ensure that all of your clippings are properly bagged up and disposed of, leaving you with a clean yard and no mess on your hands.

Superior Lawn Care Service

No matter which type of compost option we use for your grass clippings, our team of specialists will make sure that your yard is cut, bagged and left looking clean and freshly cut. We customize all of our lawn maintenance packages based on your yard’s size and needs. Call us at 651-538-0320 or email us at to request a free quote today!

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