Sidewalk Edging

sidewalk edging

Custom Lawn Care and Sidewalk Edging for a Beautiful Property

Edging isn’t just something that makes your yard look neat and organized – it’s what keeps your yard neat and organized. Edging creates the lines that draw your eyes around the yard. It’s what keeps your turf looking clean and highly maintained – and offers that high end look that everyone craves.


What You Can Expect

Our edging expert will bring our edger to your home and clean up your curb lines, sidewalks and driveways in one visit. During this visit we will remove all of the overgrown grass, weeds and other growth from the sides of the traffic areas of your yard. We’ll then remove all of the debris from your space, leaving you with a cleanly manicured lawn all season long.


Frequency of Service

Many of our clients repeat this procedure three times throughout the year: once in the spring, once around the Fourth of July and once in the fall. This helps to keep your yard maintained to a high standard and saves you money in the long run. However, we can customize the frequency of your service to your property.

Other Options

If you’d prefer to put in a stone, brick or rock edge next to your turf, this can be a great option. Not only does this option require less maintenance, it’s a beautiful way to complete your property.


Take the Next Step

Whether your project is big or small, H&B Services is here to help you out. Email us at or call us at 651-538-0320 to request a free quote today!


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