Fall Clean Ups: Get yours scheduled today!

fall clean ups

Fall Clean Ups for Property Managers and Homeowners

When the buds start to form on the trees – or when the leaves start to fall – Minnesotans know that it’s time for a change in the seasons. Property managers and home owners alike know that along with the season change comes a big clean up job. If you’re not a lawn care fan or just want some help with the big clean up, H&B Services is here to help.

Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn

From winterizing your grass to cleaning out your landscaping, we are the experts you can trust. Our team will blow all of the debris out of your landscaping. They’ll then mow and vacuum your yard to ensure all of the fall mess of leaves and compost is taken care of. This means you’re left with a no hassle way to get the grounds of your property prepared for winter.

Scheduling Spring Clean Ups Now!

Our packages vary based on your property’s size and specific needs. We will create an individualized quote for your spring or fall clean up. Email us at sales@h-bservices.com or give us a call at 651-538-0320 for a FREE, competitive quote today – we’d love to give you the superior service that H&B customers rave about!


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