Low-Maintenance Landscaping Options for Midwest Properties

While beautiful green lawns stretched across your property may be what you dream of, the reality is that they can require a substantial amount of work to maintain. Lawns provide ideal areas for both weed growth and rodent visitors if property owners don’t remain vigilant and proactive about prevention, which can lead to those lush lawns demanding a lot of your attention and time. For this reason, many property managers are interested in landscaping options that require less work. While no landscaping is truly maintenance free, there are several alternatives to traditional lawns that are quite appealing and won’t require constant attention from property managers.


Many tend to think hardscaping primarily translates into decking, but it actually includes other options, such as walkways and communal areas created with stones or pavers. The initial investment in materials can be quite expensive, but the payoff in aesthetic appeal and limited maintenance may be worth it for some properties, especially for smaller complexes where people tend to spend time outside. Incorporating hardscaping with beds featuring native plants and mulch can translate into an area that is easy for property managers to tend.


For those interested in as close to zero maintenance as possible, landscapes composed of gravel may be the most attractive option. With thoughtful planning, gravel landscapes can be quite beautiful, especially when they follow the natural curvatures of the property. Incorporation of low-maintenance plants among larger rocks can translate into a beautiful vista. Another advantage is gravel’s ability to sustain our rough midwest winters – come spring, there is little that needs to be done to get a property back into shape.

No-mow Ground Cover

Some property owners may want to get away from traditional grasses and lawns that require a lot of attention, but still desire some sort of green ground covering. For many properties, no-mow ground cover options are a great option. These include grasses such as tall fescue which give the impression of lush landscaping without requiring a lot of maintenance. Other green ground cover options are stonecrop, frogfruit, clover and moss. Although technically a weed, clover can work to a property manager’s advantage when used thoughtfully. It is naturally pest-resistant and doesn’t grow to the point where it looks un-manicured.

Native Plants

There are particular properties where it can make a lot of sense for property managers to bring back the woodland character the land originally possessed. This can include anything from re-establishing tree varieties native to the area, to shrubs (staying away from those that can rapidly overtake other plants and require regular pruning) and even wildflowers. By going with the more “wild and natural” aesthetic, it will ultimately require a lot less attention from property managers. Keep in mind that this option will not work for every property—but in the right environment and property, the effect can be beautiful.

Interested in Low-Maintenance Landscaping for Your Property?

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